About Us

Morin’s Fisheries was founded in 2019 by Indigenous entrepreneurs Don and Gladys Morin. Their other business, Aurora Village also in Yellowknife, is Canada’s most successful Indigenous-owned eco-tourism business. 

The Morin family was once one of the North’s many thriving independent Indigenous and multi-generational producers of fish on Great Slave Lake. Sadly, colonial government policies have pushed Indigenous fishers such as the Morin family out of business; the Morin family ceased fishing in the 1970s and very few fishers carried on.  

Morin’s Fisheries arose out of Don and Gladys’ desire to contribute to the industry’s revitalization so that this rich heritage is not forever lost. They hope to inspire a new generation of proud Northern fishers who also choose to operate with the outmost respect for nature and all-around sustainable practices. 

Don and Gladys are supported by long-term Northerner Marie-Soleil Lacoursiere. A partner in the business, she shares Don and Gladys’ values and passion for sustainability.